SME Maturity Assessment

Are you ready to stop working in your business and start working on it?

You have been successfully building your business, but it is time to put your efforts toward running it. Let go of operational tasks and focus on strategy and business development instead. Take the first steps towards sustainable growth with the help of SME Maturity Assessment. Let’s find out if your company is ready to become self-running and take the first steps.

Transform your business into a self-running, profitable powerhouse

  • Unlock the potential for increased annual sales, 
  • Reclaim a healthy work-life balance,
  • Build trust in your team,
  • Reignite your passion for success.

Consider taking the SME Maturity Assessment when:

  • you’re ready to develop your business but need guidance on the next steps
  • facing critical decisions on market expansion, investment, or any other situation that possibly has a significant impact 
  • you’ve hit a growth ceiling despite your management efforts and company’s potential
  • you want to identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses for further development
  • there are interruptions in your company’s operation and you need to remove the obstacles.

Take the SME Maturity Assessment today and jumpstart your business growth!

Get an objective and comprehensive picture of your business's readiness

Expert growth consultant Zoltán Krausz has designed a tailored analysis for medium-sized companies, with a comprehensive point system that evaluates key areas, including:

  • Your company’s vision and strategy
  • Organizational processes and information flow
  • Management culture and practices
  • Values and employee commitment
  • Psychological safety
  • Assessment of organizational development initiatives

Take the leap towards sustainable growth with the SME Maturity Assessment


Opening consultation

During the opening consultation with the managers, we agree on the bottlenecks and goals that may already be defined, which form the basis of the upcoming survey.


Survey customization

We prepare a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to your company's needs.


Program launch meeting

The company's employees receive information about the survey and the related tasks in the form of a program launch meeting.


Survey launch

After the program launch meeting, an anonymous, online survey will be sent out, which all employees of the company are encouraged to fill out for the best results.


SME Maturity Assessment

Based on the returned questionnaires, a detailed business maturity evaluation will be prepared within 3 weeks, which will give a complex, comprehensive and objective picture of the current situation of the company.


Closing consultation

The assessment of the current situation will be presented in a joint consultation with the company managers.


Next steps

If the company has the management needs, the joint work can continue with the SmartLeap Program based on the Business Maturity Evaluation.