About Us

Our founder

Zoltán Krausz is a mid-market business architect.
He has guided more than a hundred businesses successfully to becoming self-managed and growth-oriented. Zoltan believes business and personal growth alike are his true calling.

As an expert, he approaches clients’ challenges from multiple perspectives, analyzing them objectively and independently. He prioritizes developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions collaboratively with his clients.

His SmartLeap system goes beyond conventional scaling methods. It incorporates a three-pillar approach that integrates strategic planning, streamlined operations, and organizational health. His program focuses on business excellence, employee engagement, psychology, people and culture management, and cultural health to achieve sustainable growth.

Zoltán’s expertise derives from holding mid to top management positions, owning SMEs, and working with multinationals. He now supports business owners and management teams drive growth and development strategies.

He excels at facilitating growth for medium companies, leading business transformations and building management teams.

Mediocrity is his enemy.

Zoltán thrives while cooperating with business owners who are not only committed to their company goals, but whose companies also have the potential of sustainable value creation.

To ensure utmost satisfaction of his clients, when needed he involves key players from the IT, human development, legal, financing and stock market sectors.

Ambitious, thorough, precise. He is practical, careful, and a systems thinker. With his knowledge and drive, he guides his clients to pinnacles hardly imaginable before.

Nobody climbs Mount Everest alone. Why would it be different in business?

  • We’ll guide and support you every step of the way to building a self-running, growth-focused company.
  • Don’t let a seemingly difficult situation hold you back! Get the feedback you need to make the right decisions and solve problems like a pro with our expert guidance.
  • Don’t get tripped up by potential pitfalls. We’ll help you navigate them and lower your risks for success.

We get it – this is a big decision.

  • You’ve achieved so much and don’t want to risk it all.
  • It’s tough to imagine your coworkers being able to handle tasks effectively without you. We’ll show you how to build a self-running company.
  • Don’t let uncertainty hold you back! With our support, you can step back from day-to-day operations and focus on what matters most.

The first steps of your SmartLeap Journey…

75-minute cost-free consultation

  • To talk over details
  • To understand your exact expectations
  • To agree on the foundation of our cooperation

Getting started

  • By taking the maturity assessment, or
  • By attending the personal why workshop
  • By kicking off the SmartLeap Journey